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some of my favourites:

zic zac bar ayia napa - the real swiss place in cyprus, don't dare missing it!

pukanaka - the fab club in the middle of nowhere in southern tirol (italy) with the friendliest host ever, alex!

x-tra - famous for their excellent venue and the fantastic concerts. and the parties, of course : )

ministry of sound - always worth visiting. a classic!

the end - if you thought you've heard it all, listen again. the best soundsystem i ever heard!

tresor private club - winterthur's truly finest address for drinks, cigars, chats and more...

longstreet bar - spotting the most bulbs you ever seen on a ceiling and the raunchy atmosphere of the cabaret it used to be

club cristals -


just a few friends (alphabetically)

anthony martin
ben purple
bonzai (patrick, ch)
bonzai (tom, d)
dave joy
henry deluxe
join forces
lazard aka sunny marleen
n.i.c.k. and the funkfabric crew sam (the one and only man on the mic)
shaun baker
steven s
tricky trevturntable babes

vinyl deck riders -

other friendly links

also highly recommended:

number one - josefstrasse, zürich - the best address vor vinyl, acessories, amplified shirts and value
whitelight - phipu and his crew make it shine, glimmer, smoke and sound like hell
cream art - the quality swiss house label
zero zero - masters of the rare groove, astonishing connaisseurs of music from now and then
be loved - creating unique brands and events

all ways leed to... -

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